Changes to the Blog

I decided to make a few major changes to the overall look and feel of the blog. Long story short, I found the original format a bit too cumbersome. In the previous design, I categorized lengthy reviews as “portfolio projects” which organized featured images in fun collages. I liked the artsy aesthetic, but as I began publishing more reviews, I discovered that this format was overly difficult to navigate. I was also having trouble connecting these to RSS feeds.

In an effort to simplify the process and make things easier for everyone, I’ve republished my original reviews as standard blog posts. All future posts will be formatted in this way. Not only does this format make it easier for me to draft and publish content, I think it’s now easier for everyone to read and find my reviews (and it’s probably something I should have done from the beginning).

Overall, it’s a relatively straightforward change that shouldn’t be too noticeable. If you’ve been following me since mid-2017 when I started the blog, I really appreciate your support, and I hope that this new format is easier to navigate. For those that are new to the blog, welcome! I hope you find my content useful in your own journey through the pen & stationery world.


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